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ANSED Diagnostic Solution Kit

ANSED Sample Report

Sample report

What’s it all about?

Experts with decades of experience in emissions diagnostics developed the ANSED Diagnostic Solution. In just one minute, this powerful software can point out problems, potential problems and their likely solution. Your shop benefits from identifying problems in the engine, fuel system, emissions control system, catalytic converter and exhaust system – even problems not yet severe enough to set a trouble code.

Faster diagnostics, documentation for selling preventative services, and verification of repairs are just a few of the ways you can build your reputation as the place to go for automotive performance and diagnostics. The ANSED Diagnostic Solution can help you maintain the trust you have earned over the years as well as grow your business through the referrals of satisfied customers.

ANSED TechnicianWhat does it do?
Some repair shops today rely solely on the trouble codes set by an onboard computer for diagnostics, but the true professional understands it takes more than a scan tool to find everything that can cause a drivability problem. The ANSED Diagnostic Solution takes the same approach your doctor does to spot problems before they become more serious. The doctor uses a lab for analysis before making a diagnosis, and now you can do the same with a tailpipe sample and the ANSED Diagnostic Solution.

The ANSED Diagnostic Solution does not replace the scan tool; it greatly enhances it by directing you down the right path the first time for the fastest, most accurate diagnostics possible.


How Does it Work?

ANSED tailpipe probe
1 Simply insert the exhaust probe into the tailpipe and take a sample of the gas readings with the KANE gas analyzer.
2 Enter the data from the KANE gas analyzer into the ANSED Software on your computer.
KANE Gas Analyzer ANSED
ANSED Software Screen
3 The ANSED Software will quickly analyze the results and provide you with a plain language description of any problems, and the recommended repairs.
4 Share the report with your customer.
ANSED Technician



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