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ANSED Sample Report

Sample report

About ANSED Diagnostics

ANSED Diagnostic Solutions provides unique diagnostic tools and solutions for the professional technician. We work with technicians, understand their needs and develop solutions to make it easier and faster for them to do their work.

The Exhaust Gas Diagnostic (EGD) program is the result of many years of research and coordination with major global automotive aftermarket companies. Time is money. Automotive technicians and shop owners need fast, economical, and accurate diagnostic equipment along with help communicating highly technical topics to customers. The ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Kit makes it easy:

  • Read a vehicle's exhaust gases.
  • Analyze the combination of gases.
  • Provide a clear understanding of what the combination of gases means to the vehicle owner.
  • If the combination of gases identifies problems, provide a priority list of possible solutions to the technician.

Diagnostic Video Scopes are designed for the tough automotive environment and provide the ability to look into and around small spaces and difficult-to-reach areas. These are full-featured scopes that include ANSED’s exclusive Hyperion Technology 5.5mm Probe, which offers three unique modes to enhance viewing capability:

  • Light Boost improves image clarity.
  • Mirroring & Image Rotation allows image to be viewed in proper orientation.
  • Particle Free & Anti-Reflection reduces image glare and impurities improving image quality.

Explore our website to learn more about the unique ANSED tools and solutions for the professional technician.


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