Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzer Kit

5-GAS Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzer Kit
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5-Gas Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyzer Kits

The process of diagnosing general performance, drivability, no code and catalytic converter issues can be complex and frustrating. Modern OBDII systems may miss problems too small or infrequent to set a code. In seconds, the Exhaust Gas Analyzer will detect problems too marginal to be detected by an onboard computer or a scan tool.

The ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Software interprets the exhaust gases and their interactions and provides a top-down list of suggested problems and solutions in order of probability.

And, KANE LINK to connect to KANE LIVE apps and to the optional KANE-IRP3 Infra-red printer.

The ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics System is the most complete and comprehensive solution on the market today.

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AutoPlus5 Exhaust Gas Diagnostics



Getting the most out of the Exhaust Gas Analyzer:

Drivability Diagnosis Yikes No Codes by Bob Freudenberger:
Catalytic Converter and Exhaust System:

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