The MS6053 DIVAS Accessory for Universal ByteRD MS6050

The ANSED 6053 DIVAS is the newest accessory tool available for the MS6050 universal ByteRD scan tool, extending the range of diagnostic capabilities through a series of additional applications necessary for proper tune-up of powersports vehicles. 

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When using the MS6053 DIVAS, you can synchronize the throttle valves according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Shown on the scanner’s display, the detailed graphs present minimum, maximum and average pressure values for each channel along with the real-time engine speed, thus allowing precise and intuitive operations.

Once the perfect pressure alignment has been achieved, then green light indicator and the buzzer go off, alerting the user. If achieving the desired synchronization proves difficult, then the dynamic and simultaneous pressure analysis of each channel, using color graphs, allows the detection of sealing problems of valves, cylinders or ducts.

 MS6050 accessory tool


ANSED 6053 DIVAS Features:

  • Synchronization of throttle valves on carburetor and fuel-injected systems
  • Dynamic analysis of the manifold intake pressures
  • RPM reading
  • Synchronization procedures integrated with diagnostic functionalities of the engine control unit (idle speed control lock, TPS and/or self-adaptive parameter reset, analysis of fault code memory, verification of proper operating conditions, etc.)
  • 3 analog inputs for dynamic analysis and data acquisition of vehicle sensors
  • Built-in microphone

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