MemoBike6050 Scan Tool Kits

(Formerly known as MOTORSCAN)

An essential instrument, extremely easy to use, but comprehensive and constantly updated. Within the reach of all users and rich in features that make it a must for even the most demanding technicians.


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DIVAS Accessory for the MS6050 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Overview The 6053 DIVAS is the new accessory available for the MS6050 universal scanner - extending the range of diagnostic capabilities through a series of additional applications necessary for a proper tune-up of power sports vehicles. Features: Synchronization of throttle valves on carburetor and fuel-injected systems Dynamic analysis of the manifold intake pressures RPM reading Synchronization procedures integrated with diagnostic functionalities of the engine control unit (idle speed control lock, TPS and/or self-adaptive parameter reset, analysis of fault code memory, verification...

MemoBike6050 Software

Upgrade to Unlimited Software Updates

Introducing the MemoBike6050 Unlimited Software Program, replacing the current biannual updates program. This new Unlimited Software Program (endothermic applications only) will be for the life of your MemoBike6050 Scan Tool. Regular monthly updates for all brands, now covering 115+ brands, 8000+ models, and 17500+ applications. Program Benefits: Unlimited Firmware Updates Unlimited Software Application Updates (endothermic applications only). Receive notifications on the MS6050 when updates are available. Never pay for software updates again!! No smart card is necessary. The update is...