Gas Analyzer Kits

Experienced technicians agree that a Gas Analyzer is an integral part of their diagnostic toolbox. One quick test of the exhaust gases emitted from the tailpipe helps reduce diagnostic time, verify repairs are complete, reduce comebacks, and increase overall profitability and customer satisfaction.

Gas Analyzer Software

ANSED Exhaust Gas Analyzer Diagnostic Software

Free with the purchase of an ANSED Diagnostic System Kit, the ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Software can be purchased by those with a different brand gas analyzer. This is a one-time subscription fee, and upon payment, you will receive the activation code to use for registration at, and to begin using this unique proprietary software. Benefits of the ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostic Software: Effective interpretation of exhaust gas readings Diagnose no-code drivability & performance issues Insure Catalytic Converter related...

Service and Calibration

Full Service for the AUTOplus5

This is for the newer units, ones with the larger 8-line screen display. The unit is designed to perform a calibration check and automatic zero procedure at pre-determined times to ensure accuracy.  During the annual service and calibration performed at an approved service center, all components are tested and adjusted to ensure that flow rates and sensors have the proper settings to allow this procedure to take place. As certain sensors age, the service center can adjust to bring those...