What is the ANSED HU31035 SENSOR SIMULATOR & how do you use it?



The HU31035 SENSOR SIMULATOR is the ideal tool to simulate and actuate the output signal from automotive sensors: frequency, voltage, and test sequences.  

The Sensor Simulator was created to help technicians save time and make their job easier. 

How Does the HU31035 SENSOR SIMULATOR Work?

The Sensor Simulator will help the technician in the diagnostic testing where many scan tool diagnostics end.  While sensors, injector actuators will inform the scan tool that there is a problem, it is the Sensor Simulator that will allow the technician to know if the issue is a faulty sensor or a wiring defect.

The device is especially useful for wiring tests, as it can simulate the signal and compare it to the scan tool reading.

This product is made to help you save time and money, as this tool allows you to eliminate the need to replace sensors that work perfectly! 

Check out our video below which shows you how to check the sensors and wire harness with the HU31035 Sensor Simulator:

 HU31035 SENSOR SIMULATOR key functions:

  1. Simulated Resistance
  2. Simulated Voltage
  3. Simulated Sine Wave
  4. Simulated Square Wave
  5. Simulated Temperature Coefficient Sensors
  6. Simulated Throttle & Pedal Sensor sequences
  7. Oxygen Sensor: Testing Mode and Simulated mode
  8. You can simulate most sensors, injectors, or actuators, including ABS, Lambda, EGR, CkP, Knock, and MAP.
  9. Ideal to use with the HU31025 SCOPE+

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