Automotive Sensor Simulator HU3105  sold at ANSED
Automotive EGR Sensor Simulator - HU31035 Hubitools
Automotive EGR Sensor Simulator - HU31035 Hubitools. ANSED Diagnostic Solutions
Automotive Camshaft EGR Sensor Simulator - HU31035 Hubitools
EGR Automotive Sensor Simulator - HU31035 Hubitools
Hubitools automotive Sensor Simulator HU3105
Automotive Sensor Simulator

Automotive Sensor Simulator


California residents: Proposition 65 Information This product may contain chemicals, including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Read more

The Automotive Sensor Simulator HU31035 ideal tool to simulate and actuate the output signal from automotive sensors: frequency, voltage, and test sequences.

The Sensor Simulator will help the technician in the diagnostic testing where many scan tool diagnostic ends. Will allow the technician to know if the failure is a faulty sensor, a defect in the wiring or a problem with the ECU itself. Eliminates need to replace non-defective sensors.

In SIMULATOR, one can use one the preset modes:
• Resistance simulation
• Voltage simulation
• Sine wave simulation
• Square wave simulation
• Temperature coefficient sensors (PTC & NTC)
• Throttle & pedal sensor simulation
• O2 sensor simulation
• Oxygen Lambda
• Exhaust gas pressure sensor simulation
• Camshaft position sensor (CMP) simulation
• Crankshaft position sensor (CKP) simulation
• Common rail pressure sensor
• Knock sensor simulation.
• Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor.
• ABS sensor simulation
• Mass air flow (MAF) sensor simulation
• HVAC pressure sensor simulation

In 0.15A – CAN DRIVE can actuate the output signal:
• Injector pulse actuation
• ADBLUE (DEF) injector pulse actuation
• Duty cycle % and frequency Hz actuation
• Variable Displacement Compressor (VDC) actuation

In OSCILLOSCOPE mode, one can:
• Manually set both voltage & frequency
    Low(0.5-5.0V) and High (0.5-10.0V)

• Activate any 2.5-12V Component of the vehicle using the proper signal that is set by the user in 2 modes:  Frequency and Duty Cycle, and Pulse Control
• Will deliver up to 4 AMPS.

This tester may not be used on the electrical propulsion circuits of hybrid or electric vehicles. However, it is suitable for all accessory circuits of these vehicles and, of course, on the thermic side of the hybrid cars. Other specific testers exist for power circuits.

Best to use in conjunction with the HU31025 SCOPE+.

Automotive Sensor Simulator