Automotive Sensor Simulator HU3105  sold at ANSED
Automotive EGR Sensor Simulator - HU31035 Hubitools
Automotive EGR Sensor Simulator - HU31035 Hubitools. ANSED Diagnostic Solutions
Automotive Camshaft EGR Sensor Simulator - HU31035 Hubitools
EGR Automotive Sensor Simulator - HU31035 Hubitools
Hubitools automotive Sensor Simulator HU3105

Automotive Sensor Simulator - HU31035

Product Detail

The Automotive Sensor Simulator HU3105 ideal tool to simulate and actuate the output signal from automotive sensors: frequency, voltage, and test sequences

  • The Automotive sensors simulator will help you in your diagnosis when the scan tool diagnosis ends. Sensors, injector actuators will inform the scan tools that something is wrong but the Sensor simulator will allow the technician to know if the faulty operation is a faulty sensor, a defect in the wiring, or a problem in the computer itself. The product is mainly used for wiring tests. This is because the device can simulate the signal and compare it to the scan tool.
  • You can simulate most sensors, injectors, or actuators such as ABS sensor, lambda sensor, EGR sensor, CKP sensor, knock sensor, and map sensor
  • Eliminates the need to replace non-defective sensors, by the time you have changed a couple of un-needed sensors the device has paid for itself
  • Now also able to generate up to 4amps to activate flaps, actuators, valves, small DC motors, injectors, light bulbs
    • Simulator functions :
      1. Simulated resistance
      2. Simulated voltage
      3. Simulated sine wave
      4. Simulated square wave
      5. Simulated temperature coefficient sensors
      6. Simulated throttle & pedal sensor sequences
      7. Oxygen sensor: testing mode: and simulated mode


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