KANE-EGA1HR CO (High Range) Gas Analyze

KANE-EGA1HR CO (High Range) Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Product Detail


  • Single gas analyzer, to measure CO, 0-10% / 100,000ppm, to test
    engine CO emissions.
  • Vehicles without catalytic converters can be tuned for optimal performance to run cleaner and more efficiently.
  • Ideal for checking CO after carburetor, ignition, and air filter maintenance as well as tuning pre-cat classic cars, motorcycles, off-road and single-cylinder engines.
  • Classic car data manuals would often give you desired CO levels to meet manufacturers' specs.

Key Features: 

  • Rechargeable NiMH AA long-life batteries, supplied with USB1 charger
  • Illuminated display (7.5cm/3” diagonal) Rotary dial & 6-line display for ease of
  • use
  • Connect to KANE LIVE APP, free with a unit Store of up to 45 tests
  • Compact & rugged with a protective rubber sleeve & magnets for hands-free
    operation Integrated water trap with replaceable particle filter
  • Document test results with optional KANE-IRP3 printer
  • 10-year warranty when serviced & calibrated by KANE Care USA


  • KANE-EGA1HR 1-gas analyzer
  • EP1 high-temp stainless-steel emissions probe (4m/13ft length)
  • USB1 & AC charger
  • User manual
  • 17820 carry bag
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